Business Development

If you are interested in business development within the city, please contact City Hall at 815-537-5598.

A variety of incentives are available to commercial and industrial projects initiated within the Whiteside County Enterprise Zone. For information on sales tax deductions, property tax abatements, investment tax credits, jobs tax credits, dividend deductions and tax exemptions, contact the Zone Administrator at 815-772-5175 or visit the Enterprise Zone office at the Whiteside County Courthouse, 200 E. Knox, Morrison, IL.

City Redevelopment Plan (TIF District)

The objectives of the City’s Redevelopment Plan are:

  1. Reduce or eliminate those conditions which qualify the Redevelopment Project Area as eligible for tax increment financing by carrying out the Redevelopment Plan, including installing the needed public improvements stated therein. These improvements may include other actions permitted by the TIF Act and infrastructure needs as identified during the implementation of the Redevelopment Plan.
  2. Prevent the recurrence of blighting conditions by implementing actions outlined in the Redevelopment Plan.
  3. Enhance the real estate tax base for the City and all other taxing districts, extending into the Redevelopment Project Area through the implementation and completion of the activities identified in the Redevelopment Plan.
  4. Encourage and assist private investment, redevelopment and rehabilitation within the Redevelopment Project Area through the provision of financial assistance for new development and rehabilitation as permitted by the Act.
  5. Improve the overall environment of the Area, including public safety and security measures so as to encourage new investment wherever possible in a manner that is compatible with surrounding land uses.
  6. Provide for safe and efficient traffic circulation, facilitate effective emergency response time and accessibility, and general access within the Redevelopment Area.
  7. Complete all public and private actions required in the Redevelopment Plan in an expeditious manner.

The City believes that to achieve these objectives, a number of improvement activities need to be undertaken, including a combination of private developments and public investments and infrastructure improvements. As described in the Redevelopment Plan, the private development activities proposed for the Redevelopment Project Area include the rehabilitation of existing properties and new construction or reconstruction of private buildings within the Redevelopment Project Area. These buildings and properties are located in areas designated for residential, commercial and industrial use. The public investments and infrastructure improvements that are proposed include, but are not restricted to, street and sidewalk improvements, land assembly and site preparation, public utilities (water, sanitary, and storm sewer facilities), landscaping, traffic control signalization, and marketing of properties and programs of financial assistance authorized under the TIF Act.

The City continues to actively market sites within Redevelopment Project Area No. 1 to potential developers and undertake public improvement projects with Redevelopment Area No. 1 as the need dictates.

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