Landscape Waste Reminder

Just a note for the residents of Prophetstown. As I look around town I see in front of some residents homes there is 2 or 3 or a small number of sticks waiting to be picked up by the city. The Thursday lawn waste pick up is a great service for the residents. But it was never meant for this. Get one of the lawn bags and put your small sticks in there , and set it out when it is full. Help us out please, the pick up is getting out of hand. Some people have no way of getting waste to the dump site , but I have seen some that have the means to and are able to get it to the waste sight , and yet set a few sticks or garden waste by the curb and drive by the waste site several times. Just saying this is a real convenience for the residents to have a place to dump it, let alone being able to have the city pick it up. So let’s all try to make sure this service continues by not abusing it.