Landscape Waste Reminder

Just a note for the residents of Prophetstown. As I look around town I see in front of some residents homes there is 2 or 3 or a small number of sticks waiting to be picked up by the city. The Thursday lawn waste pick up is a great service for the residents. But it was never meant for this. Get one of the lawn bags and put your small sticks in there , and set it out when … [Read more...]

Electrical Door to Door Complaints

Good morning.  We have been receiving calls and emails from residents and/or employees in your office about electrical/gas supplier solicitations.  These can either be by phone or someone that stops by their home.  The complaints include these sales people being pushy and rude.  I personally had a phone solicitation about a month ago that gave me incorrect information abo … [Read more...]


The Prophetstown Police Department would like to remind everyone that U-TURNS are illegal on Washington Street. Also remember the speed limit on Washington Street, downtown area is only 20 mph. Please reduce speed in the down town area and obey the NO U-TURNS. Thank you! … [Read more...]