Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

The Prophetstown Fire Department will be flow testing fire hydrants within the city on July 27, 2020. Testing will occur most of the day. Residents may experience discolored water following the testing. Prophetstown Public Works advises residents who experience discolored water to run their water until it clears. Thank you for your patience and understanding. … [Read more...]

Annual Water Quality Report

City Residents as you have noticed the June water, sewer, garbage bills have a website link for you to log on to if you would like to see the Annual Water Quality Report. Test did not inform us that there was a change to make this year on that site so unforunately the link on the bill is not working. The small change is to put a capital "P" on Prophetstown. So, please use … [Read more...]

E-Waste Drop Off

The City of Prophetstown will be holding e-waste drop off on August 15, 2020 from 9 a.m. to Noon. Items are accepted at the Public Works building. A valid driver's license and City of Prophetstown water bill will be required for drop off of all e-waste products. NOTE: a mask must be worn by all residents dropping off items. … [Read more...]

Golf Cart Registation

Residents still wanting to register their golf cart/UTV/ATV can call Prophetstown Police Department at 815-537-2237 to schedule an appointment. A copy of the checklist can be found on the City's website here. NOTE: a mask must be worn by all residents registering their golf cart. … [Read more...]

Landscape Waste

The City of Prophetstown is collecting landscape waste on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Items must be placed curbside. … [Read more...]

No Soliciting Stickers

The city has purchased a large amount of "No Soliciting" stickers that are available to residents.  The stickers are free and can be picked up at city hall. If a solicitor is permitted by the city, they may lawfully come to your door and present their pitch, but if the resident has a notice posted that specifically states they do not want solicitors, it is illegal for a … [Read more...]